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About Color Management

iStudio Publisher can be used as part of a color-managed workflow. For images, if you import an image that has an embedded color profile, the profile is preserved, is used during display, and is embedded in any created PDFs along with the image data. If the image has no associated color profile it is treated generically, and the results may be less predictable.

Wherever you specify colors within iStudio Publisher, such as for text, stroke, fill and shadow, you use the standard macOS Color panel, which is integrated with the application. Some of the color pickers (sliders) allow you to select the input color space and this information is preserved within the document structure. Associated color profiles are embedded in iStudio document files, ensuring that color definitions within a file are portable across platforms. Generated PDFs also preserve this information.

Document colors can be specified in RGB, CMYK or grayscale based color spaces.

No support is provided for spot colors or Pantone colors, although we may add this to a later version if it becomes a common request.

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