IMPORTANT: The details on this page only apply to purchasing the Website Download Edition of iStudio Publisher and not the App Store Edition.

Educational Discount (40% Off)

Are you an Eligible Educational User*? If yes, you can purchase an Education Single Computer License at 40% OFF compared to a Single Computer License, but with the same great functionality.

*Eligible Educational User refers to pupils, students and members of staff attending or working at an educational establishment including state, public or private school, college or university. If you are unsure about your eligibility, please contact us with details before making your purchase.

IMPORTANT: To qualify as an Eligible Educational User, when entering your web store checkout details, you must:

  • enter the name of your educational establishment in the ‘Company’ data entry box; and
  • enter an email address given to you by your educational establishment. This is the email address to which we will send your License Activation Code. If your educational establishment has not given you an email address, then it is acceptable to provide an email address of your teacher or supervisor.
If you make a purchase with Educational Discount applied, but fail to enter the name of your educational establishment or fail to enter an email address that is associated with an educational establishment, we may contact you to request proof of your eligibility. Failure to provide proof of your eligibility may result in your license being revoked.


Volume Discounts

Please contact us to discuss all multi-license Volume Discounts.