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IMPORTANT: Before sending a support request, please check that iStudio Publisher is updated to the latest version and take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions and help pages to see if your question is answered there.

macOS Big Sur

iStudio Publisher 1.5.2 will run on macOS Big Sur, but very slowly, due to some of the Apple library code being broken in Big Sur. Apple may fix this in a future release of Big Sur, but in the meantime we have implemented workarounds that fix the problems.

To run on Big Sur, you should install iStudio Publisher 1.5.4, which is a free update. For installation help, click here.

Reporting a Problem

If you are experiencing a problem please send us a screenshot of any related error message. Also, choose menu option  > About This Mac and send us a screenshot of this dialog box.

TIP: You can take a screenshot by using the standard Mac screen capture facility, as follows:

  1. Press key combination Shift-Command-4 (press all three keys together) to change the mouse icon to a cross-hair.
  2. Click-drag a selection zone with your mouse.
  3. Release the mouse to take the screen shot – you should hear a camera shutter sound.
  4. The screenshot image will be captured as a .png image file with a default name and placed on your Desktop.

Installation and Licensing Issues

App Store Edition

The App Store Edition of iStudio Publisher (purchased from the Mac App Store) includes Apple’s own digital rights management system and once installed it should work immediately. If iStudio Publisher is asking for a License Activation Code this is the Website Download Edition, and you will need to install the App Store Edition instead, as described here.

Website Download Edition

If you have the Website Download Edition of iStudio Publisher and are contacting us about a licensing related issue please choose menu option Help > Licensing > Check License and let us know your iStudio ID – you can copy and paste this from the dialog box.

How to Contact Support

Email us at and please add our email address to your Contacts list to help ensure that our reply doesn’t get diverted to your spam folder, or add our vCard.

We work hard to reply promptly, and we reply to every message we receive. At busy times our response may take up to 48 hours (so please bear with us), but it’s often much quicker. If you haven’t heard back from us then please check your spam/junk folders.