Today we’ve released the Website Download Edition of iStudio Publisher 1.1.9.

Existing users can get this by simply launching iStudio Publisher and accepting the invitation to update, which should appear automatically.

Users of the App Store Edition will have to wait until Apple have completed their review process and released it on the App Store.

This is our first update since taking over, and is comprised of housekeeping items and stability improvements. It’s great to get things moving again – expect more updates soon.

Here’s the small print:

New:  App Sandbox implemented (App Store Edition).
New:  Developer ID implemented (Website Download Edition).
Improved:  Auto Save behavior.
Improved:  If no documents are open, clicking Dock icon now shows Task Chooser.
Improved:  Stack dumps resymbolized to enable Crash Reporter.
Improved:  Licensing menu availability (Website Download Edition).
Fixed:  Gradient color fill a grouped shape.
Fixed:  Drag in PDF content.
Fixed:  Resume behavior.
Fixed:  Device color issue.
Fixed:  Custom page size name field.
Fixed:  Stroke or fill rendering of a shadowed shape.
Fixed:  License copying by Migration Assistant (Website Download Edition).