iStudio Publisher received a couple of very complimentary reviews recently and we’d like to share them with you.

The first review is from the guys at MACHOW2. It’s an article reviewing several apps and solutions that provide similar functionality to Microsoft Publisher, but on the Mac. iStudio Publisher fares very well, and here’s a quote from the review:

“iStudio Publisher is an extremely user friendly and powerful alternative to Publisher on Mac. It produces very professional results and yet is very easy to get started with thanks to the well thought out video tutorials and Quick Start Guide.”

Check out the full article here: Microsoft Publisher for Mac: Best Alternatives Publisher. It’s worth checking out their website for other excellent reviews too. Thanks guys!

machow2 iStudio Publisher Review

The second review is a YouTube video made by one of our users, Richie Vitale. Richie is a very prominent jazz trumpeter based in the US, and also a computer enthusiast. We’re really pleased that he’s taken the time to show off some of iStudio Publisher’s features in his video. You can watch it here: iStudio Publisher Review by Richie Vitale. Thanks Richie, great job.

Richie Vitale iStudio Publisher Review on YouTube

The iStudio Team