iStudio Publisher 1.4 Corner Inspector

We’re delighted to announce the release of iStudio Publisher 1.4.1 as a free update! We’re really excited about the new additions and think you’ll love them too.

You can update the App Store Edition via the App Store, or update the Website Download Edition by checking for updates via the Help menu, or by downloading a fresh copy. For the licensing to continue working correctly it’s important to update with whichever edition you have purchased.

iStudio Publisher 1.4.1 contains a bucketload of new features, improvements and minor fixes. Here are some highlights:

Corner Inspector

Add corner styles to any shape vertex (where two straight lines meet), and create a huge range of inspiring shapes with ease. Choose from: radius, scoop, chamfer, notch, and several loop designs. Adjust corner size, smoothing, apply to vertices of any angle, and select which angle ranges to include. Corners retain their proportions as shapes are modified.

Info Bar

All shape tools and drawing tools have been enhanced with keystroke constraints, to provide proportional resize, resize straight line segments along their own axis, resize about the center, ignore snap grid, constrain rotation angle to 5 degrees, and rotate about opposite corner. The new context-sensitive Info Bar identifies all available options.

‘Sticky’ drawing tools and library shapes

The Caps Lock key now persists the selection of all drawing tools and library shapes – select once and draw many.

Export any document as a PDF file, with reader spreads

Reader spreads (also referred to as two page spreads) display a document as it appears when assembled as a booklet or magazine, with the first page on its own followed by facing pages side-by-side.

Pinch to zoom when using a trackpad

There’s also a new combined Zoom Tool.

Here’s a full list of what’s new in this release.

A huge thank you for all your kind words, comments and suggestions, and especially to our beta testers.

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We hope you enjoy using iStudio Publisher 1.4.1!

Best wishes from the iStudio Team