2.1 – Finding your way around

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2.1 - Finding your way around

What's what and where's where in iStudio Publisher. (02:02)

2.2 - Creating a new document

How to create a new document in iStudio Publisher and the options available. (02:13)

2.3 - Document templates

How to download and install iStudio Publisher document templates. (02:01)

2.4 - Body pages and master pages

Working with body and master pages in iStudio Publisher. (02:29)

2.5 - Viewing controls

Introduction to the viewing controls in iStudio Publisher. (02:28)

2.6 - Drawing shapes and text boxes

Introduction to the use of shapes and text boxes in iStudio Publisher. (02:04)

2.7 - Pointer Tool

Introduction to the Pointer Tool in iStudio Publisher. (01:35)

2.8 - Snap grid and measurement units

How to set up and work with snap grids and measurements in iStudio Publisher. (01:22)

2.9 - Grouping shapes

How to group and ungroup shapes. (01:45)

2.10 - Text Tool

Introduction to the Text Tool in iStudio Publisher. (02:29)

2.11 - Adding text and images

How to add text and images onto your page. (02:38)

2.12 - Lines, color fills and shadows

Working with lines, color fills and shadows. (01:43)