IMPORTANT: This FAQ only applies to the Website Download Edition of iStudio Publisher and not the App Store Edition.

When registering for a license you will be asked to log in as an Administrator Account holder. This is required because iStudio Publisher installs your license file (either a 30-day trial or a full purchased license) into a folder that requires Admin write permission, which is for two reasons:

  1. To make the license available to all users on your Mac (it would be insufficient to store the license file in your Standard Account folder, which would render it inaccessible to other Standard Account holders).
  2. To prevent other Standard or Guest Account users from being able to delete the license (for malicious purposes).

You can display a list of all account names on your Mac by opening the System Preferences window and clicking Accounts. It says either Admin or Standard below each name, enabling you to find an Admin account name to use.

NOTE: The Administrator Login Dialog is a standard Mac OS X dialog that’s displayed in response to iStudio Publisher requesting write permission to folder space that has Admin ownership. Mac OS X only returns control to iStudio Publisher when this dialog is dismissed. Importantly, iStudio Publisher doesn’t get involved with processing this dialog and never sees your password. iStudio Publisher simply gets notified of whether the license file installation can proceed (or not), which depends on whether the Admin login was completed successfully.